Thirty.Network with Dr. David Platt @ Send Conference 2017

At the recent Send Conference (sponsored by IMB & NAMB), Thirty.Network lead contributor, Sam Yoon, hosted a pre-conference Asian American leadership gathering with conference keynote speaker, Dr. David Platt. These unique access points are designed to help build bridges between Asian American church leaders and the evangelical church at large.

With a room filled with influential Asian American So-Cal church leaders, Dr. David Platt gave an encouraging word from 1 Corinthians on remaining faithful to the task of keeping all of our motivation through Christ and attention on Christ.

Dr. Platt was gracious enough to entertain a Q&A session with the audience. Watch the LIVE Facebook feed HERE.

At the end of this month, we’re inviting a carefully selected and curated group of Asian American pastors and church leaders to a THIRTY.NETWORK signature gathering in Pasadena, CA. This year, we’ve invited Daniel Im from Lifeway’s Multiplication Team to share some helpful thoughts on Leadership Development.

What’s the end game of these gatherings?

In a recent CNN article, the majority of Americans will look a lot more colorful within the next 30 years. The Pew Research Center analyzed the US 2010 Census and published an article, Rise of Asian Americans, claiming Asian-Americans are outpacing every minority group at a 40% growth rate. In the same article, only 39% of Asian-Americans find religion is “very important” in their lives compared to the general US population at 58%. A rising generation that is fully assimilated into mainstream American culture is becoming a faithless people group. Are American churches prepared in developing future leaders readily equipped to engage a majority-minority demographic? Healthy conversations with diverse, catalytic leaders could begin shaping a new future for the church at large.

Thirty.Network is advancing the leadership of Asian American pastors and church leaders in a multiethnic world by connecting key leaders with gatherings and opportunities for peer mentoring and ministry. Our signature gathering is an intimate 30 hours with 30 Asian American pastors and church leaders in their 30s (and younger) to build relationships and learn from one another for fruitful ministry in the next 30 years.

What did we learn from the first Thirty Gathering in Southern California?

With a sensible start-up budget, the Thirty Network partnered with several sponsors to invite noted So-Cal Asian American leaders who were recommended by credible pastors. At the end of 30 interactive hours, we surveyed all participants and found positive feedback towards continuing these helpful gatherings.

  • Most stated they would return, if the event were offered again.
  • Areas of developmental interest were Strategic Planning, Assimilation, and Staff Care.
  • All respondents would recommend this gathering to a friend.

Participants found high value in the event and noted what they appreciated:

  • “Valued spending time and fellowshipping with other pastors and workers.”
  • “Meeting kingdom minded brothers and sisters.”
  • “Brainstorming sessions and ideas from others.”
  • “Cross table conversations and meals.”
  • “Networking, being encouraged, stimulating conversations.”

How can you advance the Thirty Network?

You and your ministry can actively support the advancement of Asian-American church leaders in the following ways:

  • Stay updated with what’s going on.
  • Recommend potential leaders that would benefit from this network.
  • Connect potential sponsors sharing the same vision of developing church leaders.
  • Resource the Thirty Network with finances, facilities, and content experts.


We will continue to explore different learning modalities and be intentional with forming learning community groups for more in-depth ministry discussions. In addition, future gatherings will provide a larger sample in drawing a more accurate picture of what Asian American ministry leaders will need to navigate and thrive in mainstream American churches.

Thank you for your continued support in the Thirty Network.



The Thirty Network Team

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