Humility in Leadership and Power


On August 30th, 2016, Pastor Wilson Wang (Renew Church OC in Fullerton, California) was our special guest on a Thirty.Network webinar powered by Facebook Live and we talked about the topic of humility in leadership and power.

That webinar was recorded and available for on-demand viewing at Thirty.Network Live with Wilson Wang.

The webinar topic is “humility in leadership and power” and here are Pastor Wilson’s confessional and introductory remarks:

I don’t think people would peg me as humble, it’s just not the first thing that comes to mind.

And, for an Asian perspective of humility, I wouldn’t either. I’m loud, confident and I still buy medium size shirts. Being humble in my culture means being unnoticed, doing remedial work, and always deflecting praise and compliments.

In which case, humility and leadership could never be compatible. When you lead, you are on stage, casting vision and exerting influence. Your voice is the loudest and you have the most power to grow or tank the organization.

So what does humility look like when you are under the spotlight? How is true humility compatible with leadership and power?

I don’t have all the answers but I’ve been kicking around this question in my head and with other leaders for several years now… I’d love to share some of my thoughts and hear some of yours.

Join us on the webinar and RSVP at @ Tuesday, August 30th, 2016, 2:00pm Pacific, for 30 minutes of lively conversations. Add your questions to the Facebook event page & kickstart the chat!

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