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Collecting and Sharing Our Learnings Together

The aspiration for this Thirty.Network blog is to be a collection of resources that we can share with Asian American pastors. But not just any generic ministry teachings, for there are plenty of good resources from mainstream evangelical Christian preachers and teachers, like and and

What we’d love to see is more learnings and insights from Asian American pastors, by Asian American pastors, for Asian Americans and other Americans and all peoples. We know that pastoral ministry is very demanding, and many pastors do not have the extra time and energy it takes to develop an online platform that’d be a channel flowing constantly and regularly with fresh content.

Videos from the First Thirty.Network Gathering

Let’s start the sharing. Here’s 3 videos that were captured at our first gathering from February 2016:

3 pastors walked into a diner… — the true story of how the started.

Leaders are time travelers… — a leadership talk from Pastor Wilson Wang of Renew Church OC.

How to Run Meetings — a practical talk from Angela Yee, Director of Ministry and Missions at Saddleback Church Irvine South (with a very affirming introduction by Kevin Nguyen).

As you can see, these are not high-quality productions, but the content is still valuable to share, we believe. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to capture all of the sessions. And, 2 of the videos are blurry (either the focus function on the DSLR camera wasn’t working right, or we didn’t know how to work it.)

Webinar Video

Plus, here’s the recorded video from our first webinar, with @EddieHPark talking about the importance of signature stories for churches and ministries. Signature Stories: a Thirty.Network Webinar

Or, you can watch all 4 videos in sequence as a YouTube Playlist —

How to Contribute

We want to make this a shared platform here at Thirty.Network for younger Asian American pastors to contribute thoughtful articles, to use their voice in a public manner, and to speak humbly or prophetically from the best of all that s/he has to offer the world out of the overflow of the grace of God.

Very simply, please submit your article the old-fashioned way, by email. We’ll take a look and if it’s a good learning to share, we’ll add it to this team blog!

Guidelines to what we’re looking for Thirty.Network:

  • written by an Asian American pastor or church leader
  • useful insights and tips for personal development or developing others in their leadership capacity
  • learnings from contextualizing ministry for Asian Americans or by Asian Americans
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