7 Tests Every Leader Needs to Take

“All Leaders are Learners. The moment you stop learning, you stop leading.” -Pastor Rick Warren Leaders need to constantly be learning. And one of the most important things that all leaders must learn is themselves.  Self-awareness is a key component in being a good leader.  It helps you to understand your temperament, personality, leadership styles, blind spots […]

Don’t Take 30 Years to Find Your Voice

God is the most creative person in the world. He created the whole world using His voice. There it is in the text, He spoke when there was nothing, and then it came into existence. “Let there be” and there it was: day and night, land and sea, plants and fruits, birds and fishes, animals […]

Thirty.Network at Exponential West 2016

Christianity Daily’s Rachael Lee did a great write up about our gathering, “At Exponential Conference, Asian American Leaders Convene“— For the first time, a separate gathering for Asian American leaders convened at the Exponential West Conference that began on October 3 at Mariners Church. The gathering was a pre-conference hosted by the ‘Thirty Network,’ a […]

Collecting and Sharing Our Learnings Together

The aspiration for this Thirty.Network blog is to be a collection of resources that we can share with Asian American pastors. But not just any generic ministry teachings, for there are plenty of good resources from mainstream evangelical Christian preachers and teachers, like churchleaders.com and pastors.com and blogs.thegospelcoalition.org. What we’d love to see is more learnings and insights from Asian American […]

8 Thoughts to Chew On

John Shin here. I’ve been thinking about the some things on faith, evangelism, reading, church, Jesus, passion, life, missions, and community. I recently shared my thoughts on my Facebook timeline in 8 short reflections that are compiled together into this 1 article: