Meetup on Preaching and Communication

Thirty.Network has a new format for a new season. Wilson Wang and Jason Chang are hosting these bi-monthly meetups (bi-monthly meaning every other month, not twice a month) as an interactive time for connections and conversations about helpful topics based on the latest learnings from participants.

Our first meetup just happened on November 15th, 2018, at Ambassador Church’s office in Brea, California. Here’s the 4 short talks about preaching and communication.


Thirty Network Gathering in Pasadena, February 2017

Thirty Network was delighted to connect with new friends and re-connect with old friends at our 2017 Thirty Network Gathering in Pasadena, California on February 22-23.

First, a word of thanks to LifeWay Christian Resources and Asian American Center of Fuller Theological Seminary!! Sponsors help to cover the costs that make this event possible and are joining with us in advancing Asian American pastors in a multiethnic world! Thank you sponsors!

Our special guest was Daniel Im. Daniel is the Director of Church Multiplication at LifeWay Christian Resources along with various other roles in church leadership. He guided our conversations around personal leadership development and developing leadership pathways in ministry.

Daniel brought great content and he also inspired us by the very fact that he is an Asian North American making leadership impact in mainstream evangelicalism and in a multiethnic world.

And one more thing. Daniel Im has just authored a brand new book, No Silver Bullets: Five Small Shifts that will Transform Your Ministry.

The 4 talks by Daniel Im were recorded on video and can be watched online. Plus, there is a bonus 5th video with Pastor John Shin talking about taking a risk.

Thirty.Network with Dr. David Platt @ Send Conference 2017

At the recent Send Conference (sponsored by IMB & NAMB), Thirty.Network lead contributor, Sam Yoon, hosted a pre-conference Asian American leadership gathering with conference keynote speaker, Dr. David Platt. These unique access points are designed to help build bridges between Asian American church leaders and the evangelical church at large.

With a room filled with influential Asian American So-Cal church leaders, Dr. David Platt gave an encouraging word from 1 Corinthians on remaining faithful to the task of keeping all of our motivation through Christ and attention on Christ.

Dr. Platt was gracious enough to entertain a Q&A session with the audience. Watch the LIVE Facebook feed HERE.
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The Antidote to Comparison

Have you thought recently…

  • “I wish I were more like…”
  • “How come that person gets ________ but I get _______?”
  • “Why didn’t God give me ________ like so-and-so?”
  • “I feel stuck when I see others in a better place than me.”
  • “I wish I could have the opportunity to _______ like so-and-so.”
  • The list goes on.

How did I think of these phrases? Because I have thought these phrases as well! It’s easy to compare myself to others and long for something that feels lacking in my life, especially when I see others are more effective, get better opportunities, or are in just a better place than me.

Our Asian background often compares. Part of the cultural heritage is parents “inspiring” their kids by pointing out how their peers are doing better. I am thankful that my parents tried not to do that but I still picked up the habit of internal comparison because it’s found in every culture and it’s also human nature.
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5 Leadership Podcasts That Will Make you a Better Leader 

What do you listen to in the car?

Podcasts are the new radio. Podcasts give you access to thousands of great pastors, artists and organizations so that you can take your ministry to the next level. There are over 115,000 English podcasts available. That’s a lot of podcasts. How do you navigate to find the right one for you?

Here are my top 5 recommended leadership podcasts for your next car ride.
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