Collecting and Sharing Our Learnings Together

The aspiration for this Thirty.Network blog is to be a collection of resources that we can share with Asian American pastors. But not just any generic ministry teachings, for there are plenty of good resources from mainstream evangelical Christian preachers and teachers, like and and What we’d love to see is more learnings and insights from Asian American […]

8 Thoughts to Chew On

John Shin here. I’ve been thinking about the some things on faith, evangelism, reading, church, Jesus, passion, life, missions, and community. I recently shared my thoughts on my Facebook timeline in 8 short reflections that are compiled together into this 1 article:

How church ministry is like Apple

“Think different.” This was ad campaign that launched the rise of Apple Computer. Its rallying cry was to “…the ones who see things differently . . . because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” This phrase encapsulates the experience of many of us who are called […]

Three F Words for Asian American Pastors

How many Asian American pastors can you name that are nationally-recognized in the Christian community? Maybe one — Francis Chan. Even though Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in America (18 million) with over 7,000 churches, there are only a few Asian American pastors who are well known and being invited to large […]

Thirty Network Update One

Executive Summary – Southern California 2016 This past February, we hosted the first Asian American leadership gathering for the Thirty Network. The Thirty Network is a gathering of 30 Asian American pastors and ministry directors in their 30s (and under) for 30 hours of honest conversations about life and ministry. This invitation-only event connected 30 church leaders into a relational community with access to mentoring, coaching, and […]