7 Tests Every Leader Needs to Take

“All Leaders are Learners. The moment you stop learning, you stop leading.” -Pastor Rick Warren

Leaders need to constantly be learning. And one of the most important things that all leaders must learn is themselves.  Self-awareness is a key component in being a good leader.  It helps you to understand your temperament, personality, leadership styles, blind spots and preferences. Leaders need to learn who they are to lead more effectively. Here are seven tests that every leader needs to take to take their leadership to the next level.

1) Myers Briggs Type Indicator (FREE)

This is probably the most used test to in discovering a person’s personality. The test has 16 different personalities based on how a person sees the world and makes decisions. It helps to show your inclinations and preferences.

2) Strength Finders ($15)

Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton wrote a book called “Now Discover Your Strength.” They believe that most people focus on being a balanced leader by improving on their weakness.  They believe that individuals should focus more on developing their strengths instead.  The impact of building your strengths leads to more passion and higher job satisfaction. The online assessment identifies 34 strengths and the test  costs $15 to find your top five strengths or $89 for all 34 strengths.

3) Standout ($15)

Marcus Buckingham wrote another book called “Standout: Find your Edge, Win at Work.” He argues that we each have a strength that we can contribute to our work. After taking the assessment, you’ll find your top two strength roles among the nine. You’ll receive a 20 page report on your top two as well as tips and ways to grow in those areas. The test costs $15.

4) Enneagram (Free)

Enneagram is another type of personality test. It has 9 different types of personalities that you may be but also describes how your type may change depending if you are feeling stressed

or secure. The Enneagram looks at your basic fears and motivators of why you do what you do. The test costs $12 but there are free versions online too.

5) 5 Love Language (Free)

Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a book called “5 Love Languages.” The premise is there are five basic ways that we give and receive love- physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and receiving gifts. The idea is that each of us has different way to show and receive love. So you may think you are loving your significant other, but theirs may be different. It’s important to discover both yours and theirs.

6) Apest ($10)

APEST is a test that helps you understand your ministry style based on the ideas of the fivefold ministry from Ephesians 4 (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, Teachers). It helps to understand your motivation in ministry and the best way that you express and use that in ministry. The test costs $10.

7) VIA Institute of Character (Free)

Values in Action (VIA) is an assessment to find your character strengths. It’s based on 24 different strengths based on a person’s character. The 24 character strengths are categorized by six broad virtue categories (wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperament, and transcendence). The test is free online.

The cost of these 7 tests is only $52. That’s a small price to pay to learn more about your leadership personality, style and strengths. It’s a worthwhile investment that will have a high return.

Which test will you start with and what are your results?

Sam Yoon is the Adult Pastor at Saddleback Church Newport Mesa. He’s been in Ministry for over 11 years. He is also on the executive team for Thirty.Network and has a passion to help pastors and leaders.

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